50% off Your Standard Will in June

As you know, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers are a sponsor of the Ulysses Club, and many of you will have met Maurice Blackburn representatives at the National Rallies and the Ulysses Club Road Safety Forums, where they have provided advice on various matters regarding road safety issues.

Maurice Blackburn have offered all Ulysses members and their immediate family members an exclusive 50% discount off the price of a Standard Single Will (for you) or a Couples Standard Will (a Will for you and your partner – two Wills).  

Standard Will for You $199.00  (normally $399)
Standard Will for You and your Partner (Two Wills) $299 (normally $599)

What you must do to receive the discount:

  • Input your Will instructions from the comfort of your own home in as little as 30 minutes here on the MyLife Wills online service.
  • Use this discount code (including the hyphen) Ulysses-363765 at the payment stage to receive the 50% off
  • You must input your instructions and make payment by the end of June

Once done an expert from the Maurice Blackburn Wills & Estates team will take it from there. 

They will arrange a consultation with you so you can ask any questions and will also ensure all your wishes are accurately captured.  They’ll then finalise your Will.

Growing old disgracefully doesn’t mean we should ignore planning for the future. 

Complete your Will instructions today.

If you have any questions, please call the Maurice Blackburn Wills & Estates team on 1800 519 710.

*This offer applies to Ulysses Motorcycle Club employees, Club members and their immediate family members and is not transferable outside of these nominated people.

Your instructions in the case of a Single Standard Will or in the case of a Couples Standard Will both you and your partner’s instructions must be completed and payment made using the discount code shown above by 11.59pm AEST 30 June 2020 for this offer to apply.

If the circumstances of either you individually and/or those of your partner or family member require a Complex Will, we will discuss this with you in advance before proceeding, as different charges will apply.